Sunday, March 9, 2008


OH.......IO, More like BUFF......ALO! I can't remember ever getting this much snow all at once! It was almost scary. Will it ever stop?! I'm going to need alot more green paint!! Of course the pickup truck is still broke down. Jeff was going to try to get it fixed by today. I hope you were successful Jeff, otherwise it sure will be fun trying to get into the club house Monday!! The 19th hole will be more like the 21st hole. Need a dog sled team to get to a beer!! The weather people are calling for 50 degrees on Thursday, get the hair dryer out Deb, and start melting the snow!!!
Maybe this is it, maybe this was our last blast, and we are going to have sun for St. Pat's day, and sun for the Tribe opener!! (a girl can dream you know!) Oh yeah!! its almost 9:00 not 8:00, spring forward!!!! I almost forgot. The days are getting longer, now we can see the snow a little longer! Oy! Ok Jeff, It won't be long! It won't be long! It won't be long!! Be careful digging out everyone, don't hurt those backs or hearts! Come on sun!!!