Friday, January 31, 2014

How many days???

The count down till the "Chili Open" has started! Last time I heard we were at 60 some days?!
I'm sure you're all as anxious as we are for that day to come.  This certainly has been one of the coldest winters I can remember. How about you?  Crazy!
Jeff, Jake, Dad and I are still here getting things ready for the upcoming golf season. The frigid temps have not made things any easier I must say.  Just trying to get in the back door to open up is a challenge...dodging dropping icicles, shoveling a path to the door, let alone a path to the mail box...Oy!  Poor Jake hears me pull in and knows its time to go out...but wait  "what's she doing? come on mom I gotta go!" So I get him out, and two minutes later its.. "Let me in mom...time to eat!"..two minutes later...."let me out mom!"  It most certainly is a dogs life!  Gotta love him!!
Other surprises have kept us on our toes, water pipe bursts, vehicle freeze ups..etc.
Though precautions were taken, these things are to be expected due to the weather conditions, but nonetheless a major pain in the butt!!  But, one by one they're being taken care of. 
Thank God for Jeff!!!

All that aside, we have managed to enjoy some of the winter days by watching all the OTHER
NFL teams battle it out for the up coming super bowl while playing a few hands of cards.
Not a bad way to spend a winter Sunday afternoon I must say......and once Sunday's game is over and football is done, it's time to watch the pros hit the links, compare our swings to theirs (yikes!) and start thinking about how to shave a couple of strokes off our scores.
Two words folks....SHORT GAME!

The chill in the air has not detoured some of the membership from stopping by to say hello, have a libation or two and enjoy the view.  I know it sounds crazy, but the course is quite beautiful when fresh snow has fallen and the sun hits it just right.  It usually takes a stranger to point it out to me as all I can see is lost revenue, but our Jeff is always good for reminding me to just stop..
take it is what it is!  Thank you my friend! You're right....
(but I still prefer a green fairway over a white one!) Sorry.
Soon that infamous/notable ground tunneling creature will show his face from his hovel and determine how many more weeks of this winter we must endure. I don't mean to sound too cynical, but I think Jake could make a better prediction.  I'm going by how much hair he keeps or sheds!again.Oy!

That said...I'm going to wrap things up here and head home in search of dinner.
Keep warm thoughts everyone.
It won't be long till we see your smiling faces.
How many days????