Wednesday, June 13, 2007


How long can this go on?! This is great weather. Can it last until January? Wishful thinking. Just enjoy now Deb. The Senior open is out and playing, so I'm sitting outside writing and waiting for them to come in. The new outing we had Sunday went off without a hitch. 152 golfers with a shotgun start presented a challenge for me. But I knew with our staff we could pull it off. Jeff and his crew got everyone parked and to their golf carts. Linda and B.P. ran the kitchen with their usual efficiency. A couple of members stayed and volunteered to help make sure the golfers knew where to go and answer any questions. Thanks Wally, thanks John. We heard nothing but praise about the course, the food, and the staff. And they already booked for next year! Yeah!! These outings are essential for the club. Not only do they generate revenue, they expose the club to potential members. This and your continued support is what will make St. Bernard G.C. thrive and get better each year. For this I am truly grateful. Hope you all can get out and play soon! Have a great day everyone!