Monday, May 16, 2011


That was the sound heard through out the course yesterday as 72 members and guest's headed out for our annual Member/Guest day scramble. Oy! Not exactly the way we wanted to introduce the club to new potential members. But being the troopers they are, they pushed on and got the round in. Afterwards we hung out, ate, drank and award prizes and tried to get warm. (Good thing I bought the big Keg!) I think aside from the weather and tough course conditions everyone seemed to have a good time. In the end Chris Gobleck and his guest Chris carded the best score for two person scramble. Five under.....good shooting guys. The guest prize was a social membership to the Club. I think he was truly thrilled. Welcome to the club Chris. You're a great addition to the family.
Thank you to all who participated.

Now......if we could just turn off the water works we might be able to get things rolling here.
Monday night teezers were called off AGAIN today, which means Judi and Sarah are called off AGAIN, (this is truly a trickle down affect), so here I sit watching Jake sleeping in the corner (even he doesn't want to go outside) I'm afraid he might just sink in the fairway if I send him out. Yikes! What's a girl to do?
OK.....enough bitch'n Deb! Deal with it girl. Time to put on my boots and come out fighting......
But which ones? Brown with pink polka dots, or blue and black plaid? What goes best with mud??? Oy!
Hang in there everybody......It's gotta break soon.
Have a good one!