Friday, August 1, 2008


Feels like a full moon around here!! One of those days, Again! Poor Jeff has had his share of malfunctions and mishaps. I feel for you Jeff, hang in there! On the up side, the weather is perfect and we have a couple of outings coming up in the next couple of weeks. The course is in beautiful condition, Again! We even managed to get some tree trimming done. I can here you all cheering!! We knew what had to be done, but time and weather conditions were not conducive for the project. But we have started and will keep at it. At least Jeff and his crew will. I'll do what I can to help Jeff, just holler!!! I'm sitting on the porch writing this post, quite a few new faces are rolling in. Lots of people trying the course. This is good. Hope they like it. Whats not to like?! I can' believe its August already. Where did the summer go? Football starts soon! YEAH! I love that time of year! And, we even have a big screen TV in the clubhouse now!! Thanks to my Dad. He bought himself a new TV for home and donated this one to the club. Way to go Dad!! Isn't it time for a new car? Yea, right Deb!! Good try!
I think maybe I will go out and swing the clubs a little. Have to start getting ready for the Kramer Memorial. Aug 16th & 17th. It will be here before you know it!! Get your team together! Not much else going on. Talk with you after the weekend. Hope to see you soon!!