Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It's way to quite around here. It's such a perfect day for golf. We have a few of the old guys out, and few more people are trickling in, but I thought we would have a few more. The course looks great! The rain helped green things up. And I think Jeff and his crew have got caught up on the mowing. Boy that rough was rough!!! Go figure, rough rough. Hit the ball in the fairway Deb!! I need to get out and practice and get ready for the Ben Kramer memorial this weekend. I want to win this one!!! I think my dad is trying to knock off the competition. He had me helping him rebuild the walk bridge on #2 on Monday. I had to unload about 40 boards off the pickup truck. Then he showed me how to work the power nail gun. That thing about knocked me on my butt and into the lake. But we got it done with the help of Joe Toncler and Hambone. Thanks Guys!!!Needless to say my game suffered on Tuesday in my league. I feel like I got hit by a truck. Not the first time, nor the last. Not much else to report. Hope you all can get out soon and play a round! Have a great day!