Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wacky Weather......

We go from winter to summer to spring to winter again!? Whats up with that? Turtleneck? Shorts? Jacket or not? I'm confused (so what else is new.....)
We had a few brave souls this morning. Paul, Ken and Gary got their 18 in, and a few of the
5-5-5 started out, but decided to quit after 5 holes. I don't blame them.
But we do have a small group out this afternoon. They were scheduled for 24 golfers, and 13 showed. A hardy bunch I would say. It actually started snowing here, and it's starting again.
OY! What a day!! Oh well..... deal with it Deb!
Therese is here keeping me company, and scrubbing down anything she can find to clean....
(go to my house girl). She's a good egg!!
Jeff's gone on home for some well deserved rest.
Rest up buddy, you earned it!! Plus its time to get ready for the M.L.B. Bash... it's next weekend already. Time flies when your having fun!!!
That's all I know for now.... Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully the sun will come out, and the course will be filled. A girl can hope you know...... Stay warm... and think green!!