Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I said in a previous post that I have tried to keep this blog upbeat and fun. But today I came into work to receive bad news. One of our long time members has passed away. Mr. Cal Baird had a heart attack yesterday and did not make it. Cal played on M-W-F with the old guys, and often with the 5-5-5. He also played in many of the club events, including the Senior opens. He would stop in over the winter often for a cup of coffee and to chat. Cal is the third member we have lost this year. We also lost Mr. Richard Reynolds earlier in the year, and recently, Mr. Paul Brant lost his battle with cancer. It is very difficult for me and our staff when we lose friends like this. It is hard to express what they have meant to us because often we do not know the family members all that well. We are like our own little family here( I think), and these times are hard. I'm not very good at knowing how to express in words these type of things, but I just wanted you know. I hope all of them find a St. Bernard G.C. up there in Heaven!! Thanks for listening! Talk with you soon.