Monday, October 1, 2007


Hard to believe isn't it? The weather is more like August/September, except for the mornings. Teeing off a 8:00am sure will wake you up fast! My goose bumps had goose bumps Sunday morning! Thank goodness the 5-5-5 is going to 9:00am next weekend. How about those Browns?! What a game. A few of us hung around the clubhouse and watched the game and had some Michelobs. It was a nice day! It sure is quite here today. Saturday was quite also. It was a perfect day for golf. Sunday was a little better. I can't figure it out. Come January, we are all going to wish for weeks like this. Grab your clubs and come on out!!! We have the clambake coming up Saturday. A International at Noon, then pig out on clams and have the reverse raffle later. Lots of fun!!! Not to much else to report for now. I think I might go out and hit some balls. Hope to see you all soon!!