Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jakes Jamboree.....

Our little boys day was not what we were hoping for!! Ugh!  But 33 of us headed out amidst the wind and rain drops to celebrate Jakes 4th annual tournament.  Most of the day was dry, but still the temps were not conducive for optimum swing control.  At least not for me....oy!  Oh well, we had fun anyway.  Just have a couple more libations and all is well.  After the round was over and the prizes awarded , we partook in some of the goodies Jakes' mom made (me!)  and also some food specials for the day.  All and all a good day. 

Not to many golfers out here this morning???? The little bit of rain early this morning must have scared them off.  Only 8 of the 555 and couple others are out.  Yikes.
I told Therese to stay home and sleep in, so here I sit once again wondering if any other golfers will appear at my door!?   Its a shame....because Jakes dad (jeff!) and his crew really have the course in great shape for all the cold and rain we have had.  People need to appreciate it.....
Rock on my dear friend!!!! Your the best!

So aside from all the goodies I made for Jakes event, I decided to celebrate Cinco de mayo this year and prepared taco fixin's', nacho fixin's and margaritas.....all 2 for $5.00.  I thought we could celebrate Sunday and Monday.   Both days are questionable for weather!?  Oh well!
Guess I'll be having tacos for lunch this week....Oy!

Well the 555 are rolling in... time for me to schlep some beers and hopefully cook some tacos.
Have a great Sunday all.
Hope to see you soon!