Saturday, October 24, 2009


It feels like early September this morning. I'm sitting on the porch having coffee, listening to
Eric Clapton, watching the clouds rolling by and enjoying the fall foliage. How lucky am I?! VERY!! I sometimes forget. (check out the slide show)
It looks like were going to get that Indian summer I was talking about. Told you so!!
Jeff and the crew are doing the annual "chase the leaf routine". They have the course looking great as usual! Keep up the good work guys!! Jeff and Jake just came up to inform me that it's cart path only today.
Bummer! But I figured it would be. Lots of rain yesterday. Oh well! Deal with it Deb!
Therese just started the bacon. I can smell it in the air. This could be the last weekend for breakfast at the club. It's that time of year when the crew is on call. (and that means DEB gets to cover the shift! OY!) No PA, you can not have a 1/2 of bacon sandwich, I'm busy!!!
The 5-5-5 are rolling in. Now starts the banter. Time for me play referee.
Have a great weekend everyone!