Sunday, July 22, 2012


was a blast!  44 golfers headed out on a beautiful Saturday morning in search of birdies and eagles.
Many birdies were made, but only one eagle was posted in the round. This resulted in the only skin for the day. Nice payoff!! A five way tie at 8 under made the scorecard playoff a little difficult to find the winners, but we got it done and the winners were rewarded.  Afterward we munched on some homemade goodies, fish & chips and a few libations, then settled in to watch the pros do it. All in all a good day.

We have a nice turn out for the 5-5-5 this morning. 20 of them headed out on another beautiful morning and will be rolling in here soon to watch the last round of the Open. That means soon I will be schlepping beers and making change...."Hey Deb".....
I swear...Judi could be standing right next to me and...."Hey Deb"!  Oy!
Oh well, you know I love it! All is right in Richfield.

A few more outings are posted on the board, and that means plenty for me to do.
Let's hope the weather will cooperate for all upcoming events.
A little rain at night, cool mornings and sun for the afternoon...that's not asking too much is it?
What more can a girl ask for?  (Maybe to get a round or two in herself?!)

Oh well....time to get back to work.
Have a great rest of the day. Hope to see you soon.