Wednesday, August 1, 2007


It's August!! The dog days of summer are upon us! This is a real challenge for Jeff and his crew to keep the course in good shape. But I know they can handle it. I guess I should be careful what I ask for. I told the rain to go away in my last posting. But I guess I should have specified, come back another day, but only at night. Anything else Deb?! The Calcutta on Sunday was a good time. My team managed to come in second place. We were all good as a team, but my friend Ginny had a exceptionally good round. I shot a 76 gross and she shot a 78 gross. Way to go Ginny. Keep up the good work. Now I need to practice some more to get ready for the Ben Kramer Memorial. The outings are winding down for the year. We still have a few small ones, but nothing to take up to much of my free time. I think I will be able to play in the 5-5-5 this weekend. Yeah! It's been a few weeks since I played in it. Poor Wally hasn't played either, he tore a muscle in his side. He has been down for few weeks now. Hope you feel better soon Wally! We miss you. I don't have anyone to pick on me. Yeah right!! No shortage of that around here! I love it!!! Not much else to report. No new car yet. Help me P.A.!!