Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Welcome 2009! It's so hard to type 2009, like dating a check, 20..... or in my case 19......
I'm such a dinosaur!! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays. I managed to get away and visit with some friends for the New Year. We went to Buffalo to stay with friends I have known them for more than 20 years, OY! I'm old! Only I would go somewhere colder than Cleveland to celebrate the New Year. Oh well, that's me!!! We had a great time, relaxed and just enjoyed. Thank you Kim and Marc and Mahoney!!! Love you guys!!! I even managed to get some golf in!! That Wii machine is something else. According to it, I beat Tiger Woods at Firestone C.C. (talk about a fix!!!) A girl can dream!!
Back at home, Jeff and Josh have been working in the cold, trying to get caught up on details that have been bothering them. They see things that you might notice, but these things drive them nuts!! This is one of MANY reasons I am so proud of them!! Thank you Jeff and Josh, you guy's ROCK!!! (This is why you work off the many cookies and candy that have appeared at the club house!)
Between their hard work, Jeff and Josh have been able to get away and indulge in one of their passions, Hunting. Dad and I like to sit and listen to their hunting experiences. Seems like a lot of work too me, but they seem too enjoy. Josh got a 9 point buck last week, I thought that seemed big, but he seemed to yearn for more. What do I know? Go for it Josh!!!! I hope you get a 24 point!! (a girl can hope!) (so can a guy!)

Anyway, How many days until spring training? Please tell me, only a few!!! Lie if you have too!!!

Keep warm, think spring, keep the faith!! Love you all!! See you soon!

*Picture...... Me and Mahoney in Buffalo* 2nd only too me and Kona in Hawaii*