Saturday, May 3, 2008


What does May storms bring? Aside from my ulcer!? What a ugly day yesterday was! Of course it was the first day of league play for the Friday night couples. It looks like a few of them got nine in, but otherwise it was just dinner and drinks. (not so bad!) Thanks guys and gals. You Rock! I'm sitting here watching the radar (AGAIN) hoping we can somehow get in our International today. I don't know, but I'm sure going to try! I think everyone will show, at least to have breakfast and see if maybe we can dodge some rain drops. We have a hearty group of golfers here. Thank heaven's!! Shannon should be in soon, and then the smell of bacon will fill the clubhouse. That should bring em' in!! Paul Albright just showed up. That's always a good sign! One golfer down, 999 more too go!! (I wish) It can be done!!! The rain did green up the course. It was beautiful before, but its even nicer now. I'm sure Jeff can hear the grass growing. Get those mowers out Jeff!! I know you can handle it!! Time for me to get back to the radar screen and start my no rain dance. Oy! Thanks for that visual Deb! Have a great weekend!