Saturday, April 26, 2008


The weather that is. It looks like we are in for another cold snap! Just when you think your out of the woods, BAM! Mother nature pulls a fast one. Maybe the weather report is wrong!? Nah, their always right. HA! I'm sitting on the porch watching it rain, and hearing the 5-5-5 out there dodging rain drops. I can hear Foutz from #4 up here. Tell em Donny!! Not a big group again. The radar scared them all away. Gotta get rid of that T.V. , or put it on the History channel.
The Friday night couples had their league kick off party last night. Good turnout. Forty nine! Linda and Alex had the clubhouse decorated beautifully as usual. They worked their butts off yesterday(as usual!) I think everyone had a good time. Shannon (another new addition to St. B) is working away helping clean up after the party. I don't know where she gets her energy. But I'm grateful to have her. Also another new addition (Chris) is working out well. Welcome Shannon and Chris. You are both a wonderful addition to an already wonderful staff. The course looks great (as usual). The trees are starting to bloom, some flowers are coming up (along with weeds! ) Get to work DEB!! My Tuesday ladies league starts soon, so I guess I'll be golfing instead of working. Hate when that Happens!! Although I could use the practice. My game has suffered from the long winter, and I need to start concentrating more. I know! Poor me! It will come around. The sun is peeking out now! Come on golfers!!! Were ready for ya!! Time to go see what we have leftover from last night. Prime rib for breakfast? Why not?! See you soon!!