Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Back.......

Did everybody remember? It's 7:55 and I'm curious to see how many show this morning thinking it's 8:55. "Deb, where's everybody at?" Oooops! Happens every time.
It looks like were going to have a few nice days ahead of us. Kind of an Indian summer Huh?
Jeff was right......he predicted this. And now he's out there hustling around trying to get projects done that had been delayed and postponed due to the........(dare I say the "R" word). Oy! I can't say it.
Anyway, he has managed to get the grass knocked down, the leaves cleared away and keep the greens in their usual speedy condition. Good job my friend! I know it's been rough.
The sun is burning off the frost at a good pace this morning.
Now all we need are some golfers out for those last few rounds.
Shortly the 5-5-5 will start rolling in, and the banter shall begin.....
All will be right in Richfield.

Soon our attention will be turned from hitting the links, toward the up coming holiday festivities.
Let's hope this is one of those years we can experience them both at the same time.
Many a year I have worked Thanksgiving morning.....we would golf, enjoy a couple of beers after and close promptly at Two, and I was off to Moms for Turkey and all the fixins'......
Ahhh..the good old days. One never knows, could happen again. Here's hoping.

Their starting to roll in now, time for me to go in search of some type of breakfast. Slim pickings around here this time of year. Could be a peanut butter kinda morning.
Have a great Sunday. Hope to see you soon.