Saturday, June 7, 2014

Better days ahead....

A nice stretch of weather here for the last couple of weeks have brought the golfers out in search of that perfect round that keeps us coming back. It was a bit slow to start, but I think like us here everyone was cleaning up after a soggy May.  It's been a challenge for Jeff and the crew to keep up on the mowing as well as fixing the damages from the storm on the 12th.
But they have the course in great shape, and will hopefully get our bridges and other issues resolved soon.  Great work guys!!  You are the best!!!
Because of  the storm we had to postpone our Skills Challenge for a couple of weeks. But we got it in and went out to find out how much skill we had!?  I found out that my skills have suffered after a long hard winter....Oy!  Oh well...what's a girl to do?  (take up bowling!) Yikes.
But we had fun anyway.  After golf we will partook of Mango/Peach smoothie specials, along with my homemade Sloppy Joe's,  homemade wings and homemade pizza.  I put a lot of love and effort into making this food, and it makes me happy to see everyone enjoy.  I hope you did.....

I've been back in the kitchen once again preparing for our Member/Guest day tomorrow.
We will hit the links at 9:00 am, scramble around and head in for drafts of Shock Top, homemade calzones, wings and Sloppy Joe's again. Prizes will be awarded and we shall sit back and enjoy the camaraderie of  St. Bernard Golf Club!

So I'm back to the kitchen to finish up the details, and will let you know how it went.
Have a good Saturday all.....Hope to see you soon!