Thursday, September 13, 2007


What a perfect day!! The weather was just right!! I could not resist going in today and playing 18. My day off is usually full of projects at home, but I got them done in the morning and went to the club. We have a few outings this weekend, so I will not be able to play over the weekend. Next week will be busy also. We are going to start to aerify on Monday. What a job!! But it needs to be done so we can continue to enjoy the beautiful greens Jeff and his crew have provided us. I love this time of year. Linda is already starting on her famous chili. After a cool morning start, a great 18 and a couple of beers, nothing hits the spot like a bowl of Linda's Chili!!!! The only thing missing is a great football game!!!!!! Come on Browns! Give us some hope! Since we can't watch the Buckeyes for free anymore, we need something to grab on too!!!! I am still not jumping on to the Indians band wagon! If things go well, I will gladly listen to "I told you so Deb" Then we can party!!! Until then, I think I will just continue to golf, scream at the Browns, have a couple of Michelobs, and enjoy my friends at St. B!!!! Hope you can do the same! Talk with you soon!