Monday, August 17, 2009


As you can see by the image on the left, Jeff with my digital camera is a dangerous thing. Sorry Jeff, your self portrait you left on the camera made it's way to the blog.

The weekend was great. We played the Ben Kramer Memorial Saturday and Sunday. Lots of fun. Unfortunately my team did not place. We played well, but when the putts don't drop, they just don't drop!!! What's a girl to do?! CHIP DEB!!!!!
But I enjoyed myself. Thanks Ryba, thanks Jerry. There's always next year. OY!
Hope everyone else had a good weekend. The weather was warm, but tolerable.
Hope it keeps up.

On to the next event. Jeff's 2nd Annual Football bash. Saturday August 29th. It will be a blast!!!
Get yourself signed up. Jeff, Josh, Jake and the crew have lots of surprises for us.
(Sometimes I'm stepping in some of Jakes surprises! But better his than the geese! )
You Rock Jake!!!!! Keep up the good work.

Alrighty then, gotta get back to work. Senior Open this Wednesday. Teams need to be drawn and paperwork awaits. See you soon.