Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wake up call!

Nothing like easing your way into winter....Yikes! It was like Mother Nature was sleeping all of November and suddenly woke up and said "Oops, time to play catch up." and that she did.
What a Monday...Jeff was on short trip last week and came back to this!? I blame him for this.....and guess what?... He's loving it....? and so is Josh, and Jake is running around like it's raining American cheese and steak... What is wrong with my guys? Oh well, what ever makes them happy.
Speaking of them, they just walked in smiling from ear to ear, Coffee break. Jeff just said we will be golfing in a couple of weeks. I asked him if I could quote him on that, no response.
You never know..... Jakes running in circles, we're drinking coffee and laughing, just a normal day at St. Bernard G.C. in the winter.
I'm stuffing envelopes and shuffling papers waiting for the call to go pick up the
"Bat Mobile" (as some my friends call it) not sure if there is any hidden affront in that?! Hmmm
I hope they call soon so I can get back here and get some work done. The Holidays are coming up fast, and I have plenty to get done here and at home, as I'm sure you all do too.....
Besides that, the snow has let up here and I can see the pavement on 303, unlike the ride home yesterday and the ride in today. Oy! It normally would not bother me, but not in a 2011 borrowed Cadillac, "get out of my way, I'm not used to this car!!" (Such Drama!)

That's all I got for now..... Will post again soon when I have more to tell.
Stay warm, drive slow and think Spring!
"Sweet" Bowl game for OSU! OH....IO!