Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow's still here......?

Couldn't anyone get rid of all this white stuff while I was away?
Geeze......Do I have to do everything!?
Well I'm back from a few days of R&R with my friend Laurie (or as I call her now "Sandy") I'm sure you all can figure that one out!
We flew down to the land of sun, fun, Golf, Disney, Crocodiles and that famous race track called Daytona Speedway.
We covered the fun, saw some sun and attempted the Golf. I even spotted a crocodile.
(from a quite a distance I might add, Yikes!)
As I said in my previous post, Laurie's friend Laurel who we were golfing with is a teaching pro...this I knew. But what I didn't know was our fourth in the group Fran, is also a teaching pro. Talk about intimation. Bad enough I had to work hard not to give up Fike dollars to Lauire, I had two pros watching my ugly swing. Oy!
But really, they were both the friendliest people you could ever meet. After my whining about how I cant find Michelob light in this stupid state, they were kind enough to find me a six pack somewhere. We bonded right away!! We made some great shots on the courses and drank a few along the way. Shooter every time we make birdie.......ok, getting kinda parched......shooter for every par? bogey?...you get the picture.
I'm sure this was a factor in what helped Ms. Johnson collect TWO Fike dollars. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! It had nothing to do with the three birdies she had on the back nine in our last round. Good Shooting girlfriend!! Needless to say we had a good time.
Back to the real world..........
Not much has changed here since I was gone. Jeff's still down the shop working on something or another, Jakes going back from the shop to the clubhouse wondering when he can chase some geese and get some cheese, and I'm still shuffling paper work, cleaning up and counting the days until the Chili Open. How many???????
Hope you're all staying warm and having visions of golf swings in your head.
Have a great week and THINK SPRING!