Sunday, March 30, 2014


That's all I can say.....
Did not  try to make that rhyme, but I guess it does.
Oh how the weather predictions have been so far off this year!
We started out the beginning of the week with high 40's and sunny on Saturday and High 50's on Sunday. Great, Chili Open Saturday, and more play on Sunday. The next day a bit chiller on Sat but still conducive for golf, then rain and cooler on Saturday, but High 40's with sun on Sunday.....
Ok...move Chili Open to Sunday? Done! .....and here I sit watching Jeff plow away 6 inch's of snow from the parking lot! Yikes!  This is not the best way to start the year.
Oh well, Chin up Deb....we have to move on. 
We shall start by trying again this coming Saturday for the Chili. 
Looks like a card game kinda day......but first I have some Chili to freeze and figure out how to keep the  6 dozen cookies I baked fresh.  Oy!
Have a great Sunday all.
Hope to see you this week.  Looks like some warmer days ahead.... Let us pray!!