Friday, October 17, 2008


Time for the Pig roast! The last club event of the year is tomorrow. We are playing a Scramble at noon, and pigging out on pig after. I can't believe the season is just about over! Although I think we are still in for some nice weather, so don't put those clubs away!! We will still be here getting ready for the 2009 golf season. So as long as there is no S#&@, play will continue, and the 19th hole will be open. Someone has to help me get rid of all the left over beer! OY!
Jeff and the crew have started their annual chase the leaves away ritual. What a job! But I'm sure they will handle it with their usual efficiency. Go get em' guys!!!
I'm sitting on the porch enjoying the view. It's nice when the sun comes out, other wise it's a bit nippy. But that didn't stop the Prime Timers. Six of them went out and enjoyed the fabulous fall foliage. You rock guys!! Keep it up!
The weekend weather looks good. Sunny and sixties! Can't beat that for October. Hope you can squeeze in another 18 holes. I know I'm going too! (go figure). Not much else to report for now.
I'll post the pictures from the pig roast over the weekend. See ya all soon!