Monday, November 12, 2012

Great Weekend.....

What a difference a day makes. Sure is ugly out there today.
But we were able to host the Chili "Closer"on Saturday, and had a delightful Sunday.
24 golfers competed Saturday in the Scramble, and enjoyed the feast after.
There were many great entries for the pot luck contest, but in the end Diane Schusters bean casserole was the winner.  Good job girlfriend.  Libations were consumed while missed birdie opportunities were relived hole by hole...."missed it by that much!"......yet, sounds like a typical golf tournament to me!
All in all a good day.  Thanks to all who participated. You all rock!
Hard to believe that was the last event for the 2012 season. Where did the season go?

Oh well Deb, time to start scheduling the events for 2013. 
This sometimes is a challenge.
We try to come up with some new ideas, yet keep the long standing traditional events of years past.
I guess I need to recruit some help. Jeff and I usually work on it with some input from friends, but he is outside hustling to beat the dismal weather forecast for the week ahead.  Yikes!
Slow down Jeff......One thing at a time!
And don't worry.... I'll be here making sure you and Jake have some thing for lunch.  Oy!

I almost forgot..... A big thank you to all those who served our country.
Happy Veterans Day!
That's all I got for now....Talk with you soon.