Saturday, December 19, 2009

HO HO HO....

Ti's the season.... Oy! Where do we start? The mild November we had was great for business, but put me behind in my holiday preparations. (just like a woman, never happy!) Ha!
Oh well, deal with it Deb. Now that the weather has took a turn for the worse, it's time to start thinking about the spring. Ironic isn't it?!
I'm at the club taking calls for outings, leagues and membership information, including gift certificates and memberships for Christmas gifts. (Hint, hint....)
all the time looking out the window watching it snow. It really is a pretty site.
Quite often a few deer will cross by, usually followed by Jeff and Josh trailing close behind!
Those two amaze me. They love the cold and snow!? Men.... go figure. Even Jake (a male) will run by with a smile on his face. "Hey guys.... look no hands!!" as he proceeds to jump in a snow pile. Crazy dog, gotta love em'!! Maybe Santa will bring Jake a coat and mittens? I can hear Jeff, "your not putting that on my dog Deb!" Ho..ho..ho...
Every now and again a few of the members have stopped in to say hello, and maybe par take in a holiday cocktail. It's always nice to see some smiling faces. I consider St. Bernard members and the staff my extended family. (oy! more family!) Just kidding, I love my family, and feel blessed to have everyone in my life.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday season.
May we all have a healthy and prosperous New year.
Keep in touch!

Dear Santa,
Could you bring me back my golf swing? maybe a few pars and birdies?
Love, Deb

Dear Deb,
How about a Bowling ball?