Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pig Roast 2013...

Our annual Pig Roast hosted by my famous Uncle Harry was held this Saturday here at "the Dog".
We were scheduled to play a Scramble prior to the dinner, but once again we were frowned upon by mother nature.  We held tight for awhile thinking we might get nine holes in, but decided to try again on Sunday for the round. The forecast looked much more promising and many could come back Sunday. Those who could not were very understanding, and we picked up some players who could not make it Saturday.  In the end it all worked out.
After the decision was made to postpone the tournament, some of us got a card game together and enjoyed the aroma of Porky cooking away on the patio.....Ma done!! Almost as good as the aroma of bacon that fills the course every Sat and Sun morning here in the season. Yummy!!
When dinner time rolled around, 93 of us sat down and mangia'd  on Pork-Kielbasa-Kraut-Potatoes-Green beans-Rolls and Pumpkin squares. Thanks to Linda and Therese for all their hard work.
 Once dinner was served and cleaned up (big thanks to Diane and Jerry Schuster, Joe Tee, Tommy and many others for their help, I can't thank you enough!!) we started the raffle.  With the help of my friend Marie the winners were awarded as we cheered on our Buckeyes to yet another victory.
Not a bad Saturday.... I am blessed!

After heading home for a short rest, Therese and I were back here in the am to fill the air with that aforementioned bacon aroma waiting for the golfers ready to head out in search of birdies and eagles.
We teed off to a chilly start, but warmed up to a nice afternoon. Afterward we settled into left over specials and waited to see what our Browns had to serve us...Oy!  I'm not going there....
Aside from that....It was a good day. Again...I'm blessed.

So that was the weekend here at  St. B.
Now it's time for Jeff, Jake, Dad and I to start another week.
Weather forecast is not good...but we still have plenty to do.
Chilly closer is scheduled for this Sunday the 27th...but if weather is not cooperative, we can reschedule. We'll just have to wait and see.
Hope your week is going well.
Don't forget we are due an Indian Summer...Keep the faith.
See you soon.
***Jake Kisses***