Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome back to St. Bernard G.C.

It's official.... the 2011 season has started. We got the Chili open in yesterday despite the crummy weather forecast. After I rescheduled it from last weekend to this weekend, I was a bit nervous about the weather. But it turned out great , and we had a good turn out. 40 Golfers came out.... we golfed, partook in a few libations, and pigged out on Chili, cheese and crackers and other goodies. A big thanks to everyone who made a batch of their favorite chili recipe for the chili contest. 8 entries in all, and in the end Chili #4 (Jerry Schuster) was the winner. Chili #8 (Jerry Lopez) came in a close second. Good Cooking guys. I might put you to work here......yikes! I think everyone had a good time. I know Jake did. He's been laying around here all day just like a dog after a Thanksgiving dinner. No goose chasing today. Take a break buddy, you've earned it! We had quite a few new members participate in the competition, and I believe you the loyal followers made them feel welcome. Thank you to all who played. Also a big thanks to Wally and Pa John for their help in making the day run smoothly. Thanks to Linda and Therese for taking care of things in the clubhouse so I could go out and compete in the match. What would I do without my girls?! Speaking of which..... we have a new addition to the St. B crew/family....Dottie. Dot's first day was today, she followed Judi around learning the lay of the land, and getting broke in the only way you can here......SINK OR SWIM.....Oy! She handled it like a trooper. Even the fact that our day started out with Judi's first day back having a bird fly into the window while she checked out the scores from the tournament (Ouch! ) What a way to start a day?! New girl enters........ Dottie: "Ok, what can I do to start?" Judi: "Clean up on the porch" Dottie: "Ok, where's the shovel?" What a trooper........Welcome Dottie. It's cooled off and rained here, so I think I will lock up and head home now. Have a great rest of the day everyone. Look forward to seeing you soon.