Sunday, August 25, 2013


What a day!!! Jeff's 6th annual NFL Bash was held this Saturday, and we could not have asked for better weather. We met our goal of 72 golfers (a team on every hole) and we headed out in search of birdies and eagles. Each being worth points for the score.
But before starting out we enjoyed a continental breakfast with many treats prepared by myself.
Two new members to the club, Debbie and Denise (aka Vegas) came up with an idea and were kind enough to follow through.  They set up the most impressive Bloody Mary bar you have ever seen....Shrimp, asparagus, garlic stuffed olives, celery, many types of hot sauces, fresh ground sea salt and pepper..etc.....really first class all the way. Thank you girls, it was the BOMB!
So that was breakfast.  Then we went out and scrambled. On the turn we hit the Keg, grabbed some dogs and went on for more. Jeff's daughters Brie and Alex maneuvered the beer cart through out the day, and made sure no one was parched.  They did a great job.
Once we finished our competition it was time post the scores, calculate our winners and check for skins. This process takes a while sometimes, so Jeff started our version of the big break.
He constructed a target of a football player catching a pass. The football is cut out of the wood and a piece of glass is inserted.  (about the size of a real football). Each golfer was givin three golf shots to hit the target and break the glass from 15 yards away.  72 golfers x 3= 216 shots, and only two people managed to break the glass!!  What a hoot.  We tossed a few corn hole bean bags, and enjoyed the afternoon.   Next up.....,..Zupanc hits the grill. John grilled 80 steaks to perfection as usual, and we chowed down on Caesar salad, au gratin potatoes and rolls.
Do you think we had enough food?! Oy!  My skort is tight this morn.....
Jeff prepares for this event all year and it shows in all the details.  You have to been here to appreciate it...the carts decorated, the flag sticks, the goal post, the tee markers....
it really is a labor of love.  I think everybody enjoyed it, I know I did.
Jeff's daughters promised to send me the pictures they took,
and I will post a slide show as soon as I can.
Thank you again ROCK!!
Time for me to get back to work.
I have to start putting away all the inside decorations......Oy! (I think I over did it)
Have a great Sunday. Hope you can make time for a round or two.