Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sorry, but not much happening except RAIN! Is it June 1st or April 1st? I just hung up with Linda and told her to stay home today. My league is supposed to play this morning but it doesn't look good. But since I gave Linda the day off, that pretty much guarantees that the day will get busy. Flip them burgers DEB!! OY! Thanks alright, I welcome the challenge. (and the business)

Like I said, not much to report. Just getting ready for the up coming events. First up, Pa John-Poje-Pniewski National Car Mart B-day Bash. June the 14th. Always a good time. Lots of prizes, food and surprises. Call the clubhouse for more info.
We have some outings coming up in June. I'm going to need some help. Yo Joe, Yo Zupanc, your on deck! You guys ROCK! Thanks again.

The course is in beautiful condition. Jeff and the guys are doing a fantastic job as usual.
Keep up the good work guys.
We have another new addition to the staff at St. Bernard. His name is Jake.
He's has salt and pepper hair, a little short, good looking, hard working and loves the outdoors. His hobbies include bird watching, running. He likes his belly and ears rubbed and enjoys a good milk bone. Figure it out? Jake's the goose chaser!! And he is doing a good job. So when you see him running around, give him a "atta boy!!"

Ok, time for me to get some work done. These days are made for getting projects done that we have not had time for. Or maybe I'll just read a book. We shall see.
Stay dry. Hope to see you soon.
Don't forget the 19th hole is always open.