Saturday, February 11, 2012


I guess this morning was a wake up call for us golfers. Morning all!!!
We knew it was coming, but when and where has been the $100,000 question for the last few months. Wish I could have predicted and made that bet. But as someone has pointed out to radar has been off kilter lately. Oy! Oh well. Guess we just need to be grateful for the unusually mild winter we have experienced so far this year.
Time for Golfmama to pull out her muck lucks and get started on the winter projects at the club.
In between I will be making contact with the powers to be for all the leagues this season.
Prime Timers, Monday Night Teezers, Tee Timers, Tues Night Mens, Kiwanis, Casual Tees, Longo Boys, Friday Night Couples and 5-5-5......Start your engines. Time to get geared up and Rock this club! Thank you all, and to all the other member/friends who call "The Dog" home.

Our Jeff took advantage of the mild weather to get most of his end of the season projects done, and now he has taken a well earned sabbatical. He has headed up to the "Great State of Michigan" to tackle projects over due for him. Hope you and Jake are having a great time my buddy!!!! But hurry back soon....I miss ya my friend. Give Jake a big kiss for me. I'm sure he misses my lipstick kisses on his nose, along with my left over dinner scrapes in his food dish.
The cats just don't seem to get it......little buggers are hard to catch....Ouch!

We are almost through February, and before you know it, we will be celebrating one of my favorite holidays. St. Pattys day! (all is "Green"that favorite color)
Can you guess why? I bet you can.....
Once we have adorned the shamrocks, chased the leprechauns for their pots-o-gold and drank our green will be time to start signing up for the Chili Open. The official kick off for the 2012 golf season at St. Bernard G.C. Golf, libations, multiple flavors of chili with all the fixin's, and friendly camaraderie. What more can a girl ask for?! How many days?

Careful out there shoveling and plowing.
Look at it this way...You're building muscle power that might add a few more yards out on the links. "Silver lining?"
Watch out for that fat little kid with the bow and arrow this week....cupid might end up being a snow angel....Oy! XX's and OO's...
See ya soon.