Sunday, June 28, 2009


I can't believe Wednesday it will be July! Where did the time go? Before you know it.......(no!!! don't say it Deb!) Anyway, with July comes the 4th of July, and the annual Firecracker open here at St. Bernard. Two person scramble, pick your own team, minimum 24 handicap between the two. This tournament has a long history behind it. Plenty of war stories come with the tournament, along with some new traditions and stories to be established. One of which I heard (but did not witness) was Mike Mann making so many side bets, (and losing!) he had to go to the bank in a box and get more cash. To pay the bets off, he stopped and found a cardboard box from some kind of appliance, proceeded to make it look like a bank teller window and paid his debts through the drive up window. That had to be a sight. Do you think he learned a lesson? I hope so, he is my partner this year in the Firecracker! Your on your own with bets Mike!!!!!

All is quite this morning. I'm just sitting here waiting for Judi to get in and start the bacon.
That is about the time that Jake starts to wander up here toward the clubhouse. The dog is no dummy! He knows what broad to hang around. The tall brunette with the big heart! (SUCKER)
What can I say? I have a weakness for short gray haired boys who chase geese! Keep up the good work Jake.

Another outing this morning. The Lady Elks will descend on us about 10:00am. A good group of ladies (and a few of the male elks) will play golf and enjoy food and spirits at the Pavilion.
Thank you ladies for you continued support!

Ok, Foutz just pulled in. Time for me to get moving. Enjoy your Sunday everyone. See you soon.