Monday, March 25, 2013

Missed it by that much......

Once again mother nature pulled another practical joke on us. As of about 3:30 Thursday Jeff and I were sure that the 2013 Chili Open was a go. So I proceeded to make two batch's of chili, and about 200 cookies for the big day, Jeff was out all week primping and cleaning, only to wake up Friday morning to find 2 inches plus of snow on the course....oy! A decision needed to be made, and although we sat and watched the snow melt a bit faster than anticipated, the greens were just not clearing as hoped. So we made the decision to postpone the event for this weekend, March 30th. Never an easy task, as I will always have some think I either did the right thing or the wrong thing.  I guess that's why I get paid the big!
But this is how it is running a Golf Course in Northeast Ohio.  After many years of dealing with this type thing, I knew there would be some who would not give up hope that the day could be salvaged. So I got up Saturday morning to open up....and lo and behold...Die hards!!
Yep, a few faithful members started out for their own personal Chili Open. It took awhile for the greens to clear, but they did, and the threesome headed out for a day of sun and fun.
In their minds they are clearly the winners of the Chili Open given no other's showed.
And they be right, but they only won back their own entry fee, but still a personal triumph none the less. Afterword they partook in some of the 200 plus cookies I made along with a few libations. All in all a good day. Here's to you boys!!!  You Rock you M*&%$#@ Hunchers! Keep up the good work.
So as I sit and watch it snow once again, here's hoping that this Saturday will be conducive to a 9 hole round on the links, followed by some Chili sampling, and some cocktail mixing.
Stay warm everyone....see you soon! Thank you for your continued support.