Tuesday, November 3, 2015


WOW!! What a great weather day for one of the last events of the season here at "the Dog".
Go figure.  One never knows...and of course the theme of the day was " Deb...why didn't you make it 18 holes?"   Who knew....
So it is what it is.
But we enjoyed the day.
28 of us headed out on the links for a wonderful November day in search of birdies and eagles.
Only a few recorded on the scorecards, but some headed back out for another nine in search of more.
Many brought in a favorite dish to share with the others, and I made many concoctions in an effort to clean out the fridge and freezer.  No shortage of food here....
So we sat, watch and screamed at those players we call a football team in Cleveland.
On this i will  not elaborate any more in an effort to not raise my blood pressure....OY!!!!!

The rest of the week looks fantastic around here.
We have one more Senior open this Wednesday the 4th at Noon.
This was a reschedule from the previous Wednesday due to the remnants of hurricane Patricia.
Seems like I rescheduled a lot of events this year due to several circumstances.
If I have caused and inconvenience I apologize.  Just one of those years.

Hope can sneak away this week and enjoy a great start to November.

Ti Amo.....