Sunday, April 22, 2012

3 Club Scramble....

More like 3 coat scramble! Oy! It was a cold damp one that's for sure.
But......28 brave souls (myself included..Thanks Wally!!!) buckled up, zipped up, wrapped up, and even drank up whatever they could find to keep warm and headed out to take on the course with only 3 clubs.
Well.....2 clubs and a putter really. But either way it makes the round interesting.
Throw in a mist, some wind and cool temperatures, and you got yourself a challenge.
It was interesting to hear the war stories of the participants following the round. "I hit that club and it went", "I think I just found a new club for the par 3's" ect..ect,..  I believe a few people surprised themselves as to what they could do with only three clubs?!  Makes you wonder why you spent all that money on all those other clubs?! Yikes!
 In the end I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
Give yourselves a big hand everyone, you're real troopers!!!!
Some of us hung around and got a card game going.  A few hands of poker, a couple of libations and the day was complete.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday huh?
Next up.........Member/Guest day...Sunday May 13th and following that is our 1st Annual St. Bernard Skills Challenge. Watch for info in the clubhouse for these and other up coming events.

It's still a bit nippy this morning. I'm sitting here wondering if any of the 5-5-5 are going to show.
Forecast for the next couple of days is not at all promising.  Sure has been a emotional roller coaster with the weather lately.  I told Judi to stay home today and take a day off,  I'll mind the store.
Which means I'll probably have to cook hot dogs! I just looooove cooking hot dogs....Oy!
Maybe I'll order in pizza?! I know Jake won't object. "extra pupperoni for me please". (sorry!)
I'm still a little tired from yesterday.
Well,  five of the 5-5-5 are out, along with Gary and Ken.  Dad's on his computer, Jeff' out shoveling mulch, Jake's running after Jeff and barking at the air, I'm sitting here posting........Sounds like all is right in Richfield once again.  
Hope you all have a great Sunday.
Think Spring.....
See you soon