Saturday, February 23, 2008


Sure wish I could sleep in, but I just can't adjust to it. In season, I would have been at work for a hour and half already. (and loving it!) because I know as soon as we get the 5-5-5 breakfast, It will be time for golfmama to hit the links!! (and hopefully make a few fike dollars!) Since I did not hit the mega millions(someone did) I need to supplement my income somehow. Snow, Snow go away, come again.....................never? Too much to ask? A girl can try! Jeff keeps saying "it won't be long Deb!" Ok Jeff, I believe you! I think I might need a girl's day out today!! Maybe some lunch and couple of beers? What do you think? I think I better wait a couple of hours before I make some phone calls or I won't have anymore girlfriends!! Well, Coffee is ready. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
To my friend: Many happy returns of the day!!!!