Friday, August 31, 2007


We couldn't ask for a better weather forecast than this! Well maybe if they said it was going rain money!! I know, my mind works in strange ways sometimes. Anyway, I am looking forward to a great holiday weekend. Let's see, what should I do? Golf maybe? What do you think? I hope you are all thinking the same way I am! I know labor day is the unofficial end of the summer, but I prefer to look at it as the start of a great football season. Nothing better than playing 18 in the morning, then watching our Browns hopefully win!! I think we are going to have a good season. I know, I know. But a girl can hope you know! I should be thinking about next year already, and what we need to get done. But for right now I just want to enjoy the rest of the season. Fall is a great season for golf. Soon Jeff and his crew will start the chase game with the leaves. This is always a challenge, but he has done a great job keeping them off the course. This helps when we go looking for that shot that got away from us!! I guess we should just hit them straight for the rest of the year! What a great idea!! I come with a good idea every now and again! I'm sitting on the porch writing this, waiting to see if anyone comes in that wants to golf with me. If not, I will just go out myself!! I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend. Don't picnic too much, and try to get some golf in!! See you soon!