Sunday, August 4, 2013

PGA Bash.....

August already?!  I mean... really?  What a crazy summer, or should I say, what summer?
The weather was not kind to us golfers this year. It seems like I sweated out all of the club events and outings. Worrying and hoping we would get them in. Oy!
But some how me managed to get through it.
Yesterday while the pros duked it out over at Firestone, we hit the links here and competed in our own world series of golf.   32 of us competed in our annual PGA Bash Saturday.
The weather was great, the competition was tough, the beer was cold, and the munchies were gobbled up by hungry golfers.  Can't ask for more than that. (but I will...go figure.)
It's beautiful here this morning, although we had yet another storm blow through here about 3 am.
Who knows where that came from!?  But the rest of the day looks to be great. Sun and 70's. Should be a good day. Hope you can get out and enjoy it.

Time for me to start preparing for the next few events here at "the dog".
First up...Ben Kramer Memorial...this is one of my favorite events.
Two days of competing with some strong players, and competitive teams.
One of which is my friend/arch enemy Laurie.  Most of you know of our long running rivalry, and have fun watching us compete and pay off bets. She's tough, and has a few "Fike" dollars stashed away in a secret envelope..Oy!
But she'll need to work hard this year to make that envelope grow.
Watch out short game is back!!
But honestly.....Looking forward to seeing you Girlfriend. I've got the wine chilled and the guest room ready. See you next weekend.

After the Kramer, comes Jeff's 6th Annual Football Bash!! This is Jeff's baby.  All year long while out on the course working, his mind is racing,  trying to come up with yet another addition to make the event even one better each year. And he does!
He has given me a sneak preview of what he's worked up this time. He won't tell me all of it....but I know its going to be a blast!
You are truly the best my friend!! I couldn't do this without you and Jake in my life!!!
Speaking of Jake...
Time for me to go lace his "nummies" with his joint medicine, and treat him to a frosty paw after.
Then he can head outside and play with his squeaky toys Therese buys him each week (their lucky they last a week) and greet the customers with a friendly bark.  This is now his position here, as I think his goose chasing days are behind him.  Poor baby....
That's ok've earned your keep....enjoy your retirement.

That's all I've got for now.  Enjoy your Sunday. Hope you can get out and hit a few.
See you soon.