Wednesday, October 10, 2007


A bit brisk this morning! I love it! I don't know how the Seniors are going to like it this morning!? They are playing their last Senior Open for the year. It's a scramble, so they should move quickly. This is still perfect golf weather, in my opinion. Linda is starting to make Chili again, and the distinct sound of Jeff on the leaf blower are sure signs that fall is in the air. Soon the view from the top of #17 will be in all its glory! People will be pulling in the upper parking lot to stop and take photos. I think I should put in a toll booth. A girl needs to make a buck somehow!! The leagues are all wrapped up for the year. Except the 5-5-5 and the Old Guys. They will keep playing until the snow starts to fly. That includes me, and a few other diehards I know! This Friday the couples league have their fall dinner dance. This year it's a Hawaiian luau theme. Linda and Alex are going all out with the decorations. Tiki torch's, palm trees, sand, lei's, coconut bra's and grass skirts! OY! I can't wait to see this. They sure do have fun on that league. Good People! I'm sure they will have their eyes glued to the television Friday night. They are definitely Tribe fans! I'm still not jumping on that band wagon(it's worked so far!) Go Browns!! Time to slap around flipper!!! Have a great day everyone. Hope to see you soon!