Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012...

adios and good ridding to 2011. I'm ready for a new (hopefully dry) year! It's starting out a bit ominous, but long range forecasts are showing warmer temperatures with bouts of coolness scattered around. This I think I can deal with. Better that than the other way around.
Hope you all rang in the New Year in a festive way. Any resolutions? Not me, I just set myself up for failure, and then I get mad at myself. Oy! Who needs that?!
Although Jeff and I made one "resolution/pact"? if you will..... We resolve that this is going to be the best year yet at St. B, and even if we fall short of our goals, we will not let it get ourselves down. If either one of us starts downing a frown, we will smack each other around. Kinda like they show on TV when in group therapy they beat each other up with the foam bats.....Ouch..
I better behave. I suggested we carry yellow flags in our pockets....."Foul on the play!" 15 yard penalty on the field. Reset the clock.

Anyway, that's our resolution for us and you...the members. Without you, we would just be working a "job" at a "Golf Course". But we believe that St. Bernard is so much more than that.
Not just somewhere to go hit the links, but a place where you can come in search of par's, birdies, and a occasional "hole in one"...but also find a friendly face who is willing to ask "How's your day going?" Again....this we resolve to you, and ourselves.

That being said, I had a few members drop by this afternoon in between this post....
Wally, PA John and Tony dropped in at the 19 hole to say hello and bring New Years greetings.
We watched as one of the few heavy snow squalls in the area proceeded to hang over Richfield...Oy! and mentally counted how many provisions (beer!) we had in case we were snowed in....Yikes!
No worry, if all else failed, we could hook Jake up to a sleigh and work our way up 303 for "Snausages" and refills. Gotta love Jake!!!
Wally and I managed to work in some work, and with Jeff's input/approval, we came up with some creative ideas. We hope to implement them in the coming year and welcome any suggestions you may have that can make your membership at St. Bernard G.C. that much more enjoyable. This is the game plan for twenty twelve.

"May all your sweet dreams go unbroken.....may every wish you ever spoken...
come true...this is my prayer for you"
Happy New Year!! Ti Amo!!!!