Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rib Ticklin' Good!!!

We dodged another bullet! We got the Rib Roast-Scramble in. It didn't look good for awhile, but the skies held out and let us finish our round. I heard it really came down in the Parma area. For once it missed Richfield. Thank You! We had a good turn out for both the tournament, and the dinner. Golf, lots of good food and good friends. What more can you ask for?! Linda, Alex and Shannon handled the dinner with their usual expertise. John Z did his magic with the grill despite the threat of storms brewing. Poor guy has stood in the rain numerous times flipping steaks and ribs. Thanks John!! Maria helped me with the Reverse Raffle again. She's a big help. Thanks Girlfriend!! Alright, I'll finish this later. The 555 is yelling at me, I gotta play!! I'll be back! Ok, I'm back. A day later, but I'm back. We got 18 in, and the weather predicted that at 2:00 the sun was coming out. Boy were they wrong!! It Hailed here!! Yes, Hailed! 18 green looked like it snowed! What next? Don't say it Deb! Unreal. Anyway, the long range forecast looks good. Close to 80 by Sunday. Bring it on!!!! We are ALL ready for it. We have some outings coming up soon, and that will keep us busy for awhile. I guess I should enjoy the slow time now. Soon I will be complaining how tired we all are. Oh well, poor me! Life is good!! Keep on smiling. See you all soon!!!