Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chili Open 2014....

After several schedule changes we finally got the Chili Open in!!  So 24 of us started out Saturday morning in the frigid temps to start the season.  It was cold, and couple of flurries fell from the sky, but we trudged forward and finished our nine.   After, we sampled the many chili entries (thanks to all who entered!) and enjoyed the cookies and pepperoni bread I made.  I think all enjoyed!
We had a tie this year for the best Chili,  Chili #3 and Chili #6 were voted best for 2014.  Congratulations to Dave P. and Tim D.!  Well done.  

Now that the season has been officially kicked off, its time to get things rolling.
Our next event is this Saturday..oy! Here we go.....Poor Jeff, Dennis, Bobby and Jake are out running around trying to get the course in pristine conditions for all of us, and the stupid weather is not cooperating!?  Same old story...happens every year.  Right around this time....Yep! 
MASTERS WEEK!!!!  We all look forward to this week with great anticipation.  To us it symbolizes that spring is really here, and gives us great hope that our game  will be at its best this year!!
It's the kind of week that wants you to be somewhere with other fellow golfers gathered around a watering hole (preferably your club) and watch the pros swing the sticks. It's a good thing!!!
But this week also puts unrealistic ideas in our Jeffery's head.....he sees that course down south and thinks he can reproduce it here up north...although if anyone could do it, it would be our Jeff!! 
Rock on my good friend!!  You are the best!!!!

It seems like the temperature has risen a bit and brought out a few golfers this afternoon. Yeah!!!
And tomorrow looks to be even better, close to 70!?? Yes! Lets hope this is the start of something big.
Well.......time for me to sign off and go wait on customers.
Hope all is well with everyone, and we look forward to seeing you soon.