Saturday, January 19, 2008


Help!!! My laptop crashed!! WALLY!!!!!!!!!! OY! what a day! Anybody know a laptop dance?! (that's laptop! clear your mind!) Anyway, wally said, try the geek squad over at best buy. I ran over there and they were quite helpful and reasonable. I have to say I would recommend them. Although my computer is not reasonable to repair. Time to shop around for a new one. Geek squad gave me a alternative though, all I had to do was hook up a monitor to my laptop, and I am still workable. At least until I figure out where to go next. WALLY HELP!!!!!! I think I would not be so overwhelmed except that I have spent the last couple of days talking with the cable company, the two dish company's in the area, trying to get some sort of reasonable tv package for the club. I know I'm not alone in this venture. For anyone of you who have had to deal with these people "this bud(Michelob) is for you!! These people should be in politics! OY! Don't go there Deb!! On ward !!! Tomorrow is another day! Make it a good one! Miss you all! See you soon.