Sunday, June 1, 2008


What a perfect Sunday! Even though the winters are tough around here, you still can't beat a perfect spring/summer day in Ohio! Add a great golf round, with great friends and the 19th hole, it's a grand slam!! (if only the Tribe could do the same!) The course was perfect today. Thank you Jeff and staff!! You all rock!! We played a new game today. Scramble until the green. Play a regular scramble until you reach the green, then everyone putts their own ball out from there, and you get your handicap. Best two scores are counted. It was something different, and the response was good. Thank you everyone for your support, and keep up the suggestions.
Today's format was suggested by Dick Corlett. Thank you Dick, you always have great suggestions, a positive attitude and always a gentleman!! The week ahead looks good. Hope to see all of your smiling faces this week. It's June already, so don't let the summer sneak by you all. Before you know it we will be cheering on the Browns instead of the Indians! Until then, keep on golf'in!!!! Love ya all!!!