Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holiday Weekend.....

It looks to be a good one! Abundant sunshine and warm. Just right for picnics, B-B-Qs, fireworks and hopefully some golf.....and what ever else you have planned for your family and friends. Hope you enjoy all of the above. I will be here with our St. Bernard family enjoying the weather, the view and the company as always. Maybe even get a little golf in. (Go figure!)

I sure could use the practice....I'm in a little slump?????
I don't know what happened...but can I say YIKES!! Just in time for the Firecracker Open! OY!
I better play better tomorrow or Mike Mann is going to kill me and then probably break my beer cooler and refrigerator. HELP ME!!! Oh well, deal with it Deb.
On a brighter friends Kim and Marc and uncle Mahoney came in from Buffalo to celebrate Independence Day with us! Always a good time....Lots of good food, golf, laughs and of course.... plenty of beer (again Go figure!) So that's pretty much my weekend.

Jeff, Josh, Jake and the crew have the course in mid season form......It looks great out there guys!!! Keep up the great work!
I know Jeff is already looking forward too his 3rd annual football bash in August, but we have a couple of other events before that..... starting with the Firecracker Open tomorrow, then the PGA bash, a Senior open and the Ben Kramer Memorial. Check out the Website for Dates.
Don't rush the summer Jeff!!! It will be fall before you know it!? again YIKES!
Alright......Therese is shoving eggs in my girl eat!! She treats me like a kid sometimes.
"OK mom, I'll clean my plate" What would I do without her?! Thanks girlfriend, your a good egg!

Hope you all enjoy your long, drink and be merry(and safe)
Enjoy your Independence!