Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Not the kraft mac and cheese kinda blues!! The white stuff kinda blues! Oh this snow!! What's a girl to do? I think I might need to jump outside and do snow angels!! Ok Deb, snap out of it!! Really though, It sure gets lonely here this time of year. No one calls, no one writes, I need some material to write about! With Wally's help, I got my laptop up and running. Just a few quirks to work out yet.(but I'm a quirky kinda a gal!) Now I can get back to working on the coming year. Jeff keeps saying this winter is going by fast, even though I don't agree at this moment, he is right. Spring will be here before we know it! I still have some cleaning to do, outings to book, leagues to schedule ect... and at some point I need to swing a golf club. I think my callaways are feeling neglected. I might need to hit a driving range. Oy! I hate those things. Something about hitting off that green mat?! I'm afraid I will break a club, or my wrist! I guess one of the reasons I am feeling blue is that this time last year I was in Hawaii!! What a difference a year makes! I was laying in a hammock with a Michelob light listening to CNN report about the record snow storm back in Cleveland. Pay backs are a B@#$%!! Oh well, here's to better days ahead! Stay warm. Think Spring!!! (p.s. spell check not working!? ignore any mistakes, Thank you!)