Sunday, September 21, 2008


What a difference a week makes! Last weekend we were watching it continue to rain all day, night, morning.... and wondering if we could get the tournament in. But you could not ask for better weather this weekend. The first round of the championship is over, and today looks like another great one. We have some good golfers participating, it should be close. The women's division is giving me a run for my money! My friend Laurie came back up from Columbus to try and collect some Fike dollars. She has a chance!! Jennifer was in our group yesterday. I never golfed with her before, so I had no idea how good she is. Her ball just laughed and waved goodbye at mine after each drive!!! Keep up the good work Jen! Sue, Phyllis, Karen and Diane are also playing strong. You Rock girls!! So, Laurie stayed at my house last night, we sat up and drank wine and had a bull session. I think she was trying to get me a little foggy this morning. (it worked!!) OY!
So, I am now another year older! Guess what I got for my Birthday yesterday?! The SHANKS! Thank you very much!!!
Ok Deb, quit complaining and get back to work. It's time to open up and start another day. Hope to see your smiling faces soon. Have a great day!!