Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Turn off the snow please! Is it just me, or is this winter the longest on record? I feel like I live in Buffalo or something (no offense K.K., Kimmer and Marc). I got up this morning, looked out the window and went back to bed!! (sometimes this job has it's good points) I figured what ever needed done could wait, besides I knew Dad would brave the roads and be there. Nothing scares him. Also, Jeff just called to let me know him and Josh went in and plowed the lot so we can get in and out without problem. How lucky am I to have such good friends and family?! Jeff and Josh are taking a couple of days off to go to Jeff's cabin in Michigan. Enjoy you guys, you have earned it. Be careful, have fun!!!

I called Linda yesterday to say hello, and find out how her winter was going. She said she was just going to call me that same day, we have been friends so long, we have starting thinking alike.
Scary sometimes! (insert Twilight zone music here)...... Anyway, everything is fine with her. She thinks the winter is going by fast!? That's our Linda, always happy! She is spending time with that beautiful grandbaby Amy! A lot of work, but she loves it!! Love you Linda! I need to get in touch with the rest of the girls. I miss them. Alex, Sarah, Donna, Darlene, Eva, Shannon and Therese. Again, how blessed am I for all of them?! Love you girls.

Looks like the snow is finally letting up. Now it's time to dig out. OY! Tomorrow is another day. Time to get back to work and count down the days until spring. How may is it?
Stop in and say hello when you get a chance. The light is always on (along with the heat!) I know because I pay the bill! OY!
See ya all soon!!!