Sunday, September 30, 2012

So long September...

Where oh where has the year gone?  It seems like yesterday I was preparing for the Chili open, now here I sit pondering the Chili "Closer".  A couple other events prior though, the Clam Bake is up first, Saturday October 6th. Then the Pig Roast Saturday October 20th.
Mark your calendars.
It's a nice morning here at the moment, but forecasts are predicting rain. I guess that was enough to scare off some Sunday morning golfers because we only have  6 of the 5-5-5, and a couple other regulars.  Bob, Bill and Jim are out for their traditional Sunday round, and after will partake in their rum and cokes. Or maybe a bloody Mary or two.
Keep it going guys. You're the Bomb!

We had some excitement here over the last couple of days...
Friday night Hambone aced the 16th hole par 3. He was so excited, you think he had won the lottery. Drinks were purchased for the clubhouse, and his name was proudly posted on the official hole in one board.  Way to go Hambone! We're happy for you.
So Saturday rolls around, the 5-5-5 venture out in search of birdies and pars, and low and behold....Zupanc aces the same hole!  Two holes in one within 24 hours!
Oy!  I just did not have the heart to replace Hambones name on the board.......
Poor guy gets the shot of his life and he only has it posted for 16 hours!?
Zup had the same thought, so I decided they shall share the spot light for awhile.
That is until the next hole in one.....who knows?  Could it be you next?
You never know.  Keep that dollar in the insurance.
Congratulations to you both. Prime timers still Rock!

Things are slowing down a bit.  Most of the leagues have wrapped up, Luncheons and awards ceremonies have been held, and the leaves are turning. All sure signs the regular season is coming to an end. (Bummer!)   But don't put those clubs away yet!  Were still due an Indian summer, and I don't think we even had a frost yet. My weather page is predicting 70 and sunny by Thursday this week.  You can't ask for better that that huh?!
Not much else happening here, Jake's out barking at the air, Judi is meandering around in the kitchen and I'm sitting  at my usual table posting.   Soon we will be watching and cheering on the USA in the Ryder Cup, and maybe consume a few libations while doing so.......Oy!
All is right in Richfield.
Have a Great Sunday!  See you soon.