Friday, July 11, 2008


What a nice morning. The sun is out, no rain and a couple a early birds are already done with nine holes this morning. You go guys!!! As you can see, my picture is not on the blog among the winners of the Firecracker open. Oh well!! I stunk (sorry Mike), plus we didn't even beat my arch-nemesis Lori!! OY! Double whammy. I just remembered now I owe her a couple of Fike dollars, sorry I forgot Lori. I think I just blocked it out!! I guess you will just have to come back up to collect! Despite mother nature's best efforts, the course looks beautiful as usual. Poor Jeff and the crew have working in between storms to try and clean up down limbs, and keep up on the daily chores. Keep up the good work guys, You rock!! The weather looks good for the next week, hope you can get out and enjoy. I know alot of you are busy this time of year with weddings, graduations ect... but try and find time to squeeze in a round. Remember, it's July already, and you know what follows that! Say it's not so!! Have a great weekend. See you soon!!